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Why Censorship Is Good

When I watched this video, it struck me. Not only is censorship terrible for us, it’s also good at the same time. When you watch this video, I’ll bet you money you’ll say censorship is good.

All the best intentions of those convinced a word needs to be bleeped completely fail when you watch this video. It wouldn’t be so damn funny if it weren’t censored.

If censors are in place to ensure that television and radio shows are safe for general viewing, why do they resort to that little beep when someone says a bad word? I mean, really, what’s the point. It’s just a word right? What’s wrong with a harmless little word?

There’s one thing they didn’t count on, and it makes me laugh at the censors and the futility of it all.

The beep has become increasingly used in our society, so much that we’re much like Pavlov’s dog whenever we hear it. Every time we hear the beep, we immediately wonder what word was just removed. Don’t tell me you don’t ponder it, however quickly, because I’m absolutely positive you do. You can’t help but wonder what word was just missing in action from that last sentence you just heard! It probably goes without saying that we’ve all been conditioned to accept that something naughty has been said when you hear the beep.

Of course, all the best intentions in the world isn’t enough to stop the college crowd from finding ways to work around the system, with the system, or against it. This brilliant little video does all three, and I love it.

This is why censorship is good. Without censors out there that feel there are certain things that shouldn’t be said, or acts that are too risque for public consumption, we wouldn’t have this little ditty of a video. A prime example why censorship can be a good thing. Without those beeps, it’s just another kids show. Add a few beeps in the right places, and you have one hilarious skit ready for the drunken masses.

Other than this, can you think of any other reason why censorship is good? I couldn’t.

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