When you export all your post data from BlogEngine and try to import the data file into WordPress using Aaron Lerch’s BlogML import class, I found that it does not include any of the commentators URL’s, which means all those comments that my readers left would no longer be a link. I find that very unacceptable.

The BlogML import class also left out all tags on my 350 posts. I don’t want to go back through all those posts creating new tags for them after I perform the transition, so I decided that I would spend some time modifying the BlogML class so that these two issues would be resolved.

After some testing and tweaking, I was able to accommodate both of my requirements and make the transition from BlogEngine to WordPress a little more nice.

This version does everything that Aaron’s BlogML class does, with my two additions included.

Installation Instructions

Simply copy to BlogML.php file into your /wp-admin/import/ folder. Once you do, you will see the BlogML import format as a selection on the Tools – Import screen.

Install the Php.XPath class into the same folder as the BlogML class.


You can download the updated class from one of my other sites until I have a chance to make the migration and place the file into a directory on my new host.

Download the Updated BlogML Import Class for WordPress

You will also need

Php.XPath library available from SourceForge (Get version 3.5)


I’ve tried my best to ensure that everything happens smoothly with the import, however if you have any issues, please feel free to leave a comment here or contact me.

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