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Seven Personal Things Nobody Knows About Me

I was tagged by Gary to do this meme and so, I’m playing along. Here are 7 personal things that no one (on the Internet) knows about me, and in no particular order.

  1. I’ve squandered away my social life and family life for several years to teach myself how to program computers. You may know that I can build web sites and write windows applications, but getting to the point required(?) that I forgo a lot of social activities. For years during my 20’s I didn’t go out, found and lost many friends while isolating myself to dig into and teach myself various aspects of computers and programming. I feel it was worth it now and I saved myself from paying back the cost of an extensive college education and I’m doing what I truly enjoy doing. I’m just now becoming social with the world again.

  2. I’ve been to three or four different colleges and never completed a single program nor obtained my Associates degree. I joined each one for a specific reason or class that I was actually interested in and when I obtained what I wanted to get out of the class, I left to pursue other interests of mine. I felt it wasn’t worth my time since I was already doing that I wanted to do in life since I was a teen.
  3. I enjoy life-threatening sports to remind myself that I’m alive and not dreaming. Sky-diving, cliff jumping, and basic all-around stupid stuff I think I can pull off. The adrenaline feels good, and I’m quite addicted to it. Yes, I’m one of those fools that would run with the bulls just to do it for the rush.
  4. I don’t want to have any children in this lifetime. Perhaps this will be post for another day. I have my reasons, and they aren’t medical (unfortunately, that would be too easy). Long and short of it is that I’m too self-centered and refuse to put any children through that kind of misery. Good thing for any souls that may have inhabited their human shells. This life is for me, and I’m taking advantage of the time I have to do and experience all that I’m interested in without being tied down in that manner.
  5. I’m a smoker that hates myself for starting smoking. I started out smoking to be cool when I was 13, now I’m 37(?)….umm.yeah, 37 and I’ve been smoking for nearly the entire time. How sad. I’ve quit here and there for various durations of time, but I still get sucked back into smoking somehow. I’m currently trying to ready myself for another go at stopping. Wish me luck.
  6. I’ve thought of killing myself just to find out what happens when you die. Curiosity killed the cat right? (how absolutely ironic now that I think about it, being infatuated with cats and all…) When I’m curious about something, I dive headlong into it to find out what it’s all about. That’s dangerous when you think about the afterlife. Thankfully for myself, I’m also very patient (on this matter) and willing to wait for nature to take its course.
  7. I’m an idealistic dreamer that would welcome changing or forcing the world into a state of peaceful anarchy. Love your brothers and sisters, live for today, plan for tomorrow. Help each other out and be respectful to one another. To realize that everyone is different in shape, thought and belief, and to accept that, is what I call enlightenment. I try to keep myself in that “enlightened” state, but being human, of course I sometimes slip. I get back on the pony and ride though, and try to make amends where I need to.
  8. Bonus – I once bought a coffee for someone that had cut me off in traffic while pulling into the same Starbucks. I yelled and got all pissy in her face and turned to her and asked if I could buy her a coffee. It was rather abrupt, and I surprised myself when I asked. She wasn’t attractive to my tastes, and it wasn’t because I had gone overboard with my pissiness. It was because I had allowed some simple idiotic gesture on her part get to me, so buying her a coffee was my way of showing to her I could rise above it and not be just your average human.

The bonus one came to me as an afterthought while finishing up number 7. I felt it was appropriate for this post since I really don’t want to post too much about ME on my own site, and this is my opportunity. Oh! What my employers and clients might think of this when they read it. I believe all of them are good humans and will not judge me based on my own beliefs and paths I have chosen in this lifetime, and they should know my dedication to my work and what I bring to the table.

There are always those that will judge you outright without giving it a second thought because something does not conform to their existing belief systems. I’d rather not work for those people that judge without knowing a person anyway, and I have left jobs due to that very problem, simply because I disagree with how they think. I tend to have strong morals around this that I will defend to my death.

I can go on and on about this, but won’t.

I’m not going to pass this forward, this time…seems like I’m the anchor on this one and don’t know anyone who has not done this one.

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