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Playing around with Gravatar Hovercards

If you haven’t heard, Automattic has released a plugin called JetPack that provides self-hosted WordPress blogs some functionality that was only found on blogs (read more about that here).  One of the plugins that the pack provides is called Gravatar Hovercards.  Here’s what Automattic has to say about this plugin.

Hovercards enhance plain Gravatar images with information about a person: name, bio, pictures, their contact info, and other services.

To see hovercards, look at any blog post on your blog that has comments. If the commenter has a hovercard associated with their gravatar, mouse over their image and the hovercard will appear. To turn hovercards off, click the Deactivate button above.

If you hover over my Gravatar in any of my responses, you’ll see the full effect of what’s possible when you install this.  The one thing I’m sure most people won’t have is an updated Gravatar profile, so this caused me to take a little trip over to and do a little update.  If you use a Gravatar, you might want to get over there and update your profile too.  I never knew that they have upgraded and added a bunch more functionality.  It’s looking to me like they might be trying to emulate some type of business card functionality.  I kinda like that idea since I use my Gravatar everywhere I can.

If you’d like to add this functionality to your WordPress site too, you can install the JetPack plugin which also comes with 7 other plugins like (click to visit the actual plugin page) WordPress Stats, a Twitter widget, ShareDaddy, After the Deadline, and a few others.  If you would like to just install the Gravatar Hovercard plugin by itself, the page is here, or just do a search for the plugin in your WordPress admin.

Of course, if you don’t have a Gravatar to speak of, you can just head on over to Gravatar and set yourself up.  If you’re a little confused by all this Gravatar business, I wrote this post a while ago about Gravatar that should help you out.

I noticed that most of my regular commentators don’t have anything beyond the standard information.  If I’m going to enable this type of stuff, I felt it best that I let you all know so you can decide if you want to update your profile to get the best out of Gravatar that you can.

What do you think of the Hovercards?  Are they beneficial?  Are you considering installing them on your site?

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