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‘Notify Me When New Comments Are Added’ is Broken

Alex at has recently brought a bug to my attention that impacts each user of this site. When you comment, do you check the ‘Notify me when new comments are added’ checkbox? If so, have you been getting emails from my blog when new comments are added?

Have you noticed this working before, and then stop working? If so, do you recall the date (about) that it stopped working?

I’m currently trying to fix this issue, however, it’s deep in the guts of my BlogEngine code. I myself have never used it, and after a little test, I realize that it isn’t working as well.

This has been added to my ever growing list of things to do. Let me know if you have any info on this you can lend me. Also, if you comment on this post, please check the ‘Notify Me’ checkbox to help me test. This post will serve as my test post for getting this corrected.

Thanks all for having patience on this, I know this functionality really helps others keep up with posts they find interesting, and I surely want you to be able to get comments as they happen.

Thank you Alex for calling my attention to this!

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