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Links For New Readers and Bloggers

I took a stroll through my archives and created a link list of all the posts that are geared toward increasing your knowledge in area important to web development and blogging.

These posts range from information for the absolute beginner to the more experienced user. I often battle with myself over how to write a post. Do I target the more knowledgeable, or do I write for the beginner? I usually try my best to blend things up for everyone.

Sometimes I feel I hit the mark, other times I may be way off. I think these all hit the mark in terms of good information. If you are a long time reader and any of these were once foreign to you, give them a try again, I bet you have learned much more since then.

If you find any of these helpful to a current situation you're having, please let me know by leaving a comment below.


  1. Creating a Hyperlink – Shows you how to create a hyperlink
  2. The Hyperlink Title Property Explained – Explains why you should be using the title property to help your [seo] efforts.
  3. Using HTML To Define An Image – Explains the details of the tag.
  4. Introduction to HTML Div Tags – Explanation and short tutorial on div tags.
  5. How To Use The Div Tag – More Fun With Divs – Expanding on the introduction, this carries things even further with divs.

Regarding Blogger

  1. Using Images For Your Social Links On Blogger Posts – Provides the code you need to add social bookmarking images to your posts.
  2. The Differences Between HTML and Blogger Template Code – Explains the differences between [html] and Blogger specific tags.
  3. Blogger.com Step by Step – This details a collection of posts I wrote last year on each interface in the Blogger administration.

Domain Names

  1. Choosing A Great Domain Name For Your New Blog – Some thoughts on what a good domain name is.
  2. Should you buy a personalized domain name? – Gives some ideas to consider before you go out and buy a domain name.

Web Development and Blogging Know-How

  1. Make Blogging Easier with Windows Live Writer – Provides a little explanation on Windows live Writer and how it can help you be more productive and save time.
  2. Creating A Screen Shot – Shows you how to create an image of the screen you're looking at.
  3. 50 Important Web Development Guidelines – The most recent post in this list. There are many items in this, and from time to time, you'll want to read through this list to see if you are doing things according to common practice.
  4. What is Cache – How to Clear or Delete Cache – Playing with the web means that you are playing with cache. You might want to understand it more if you don't already.
  5. Use BrowserShots.org to check your sites browser/OS compatibility – A great testing tool to preview sites in many browsers across many operating systems. A must for new sites!

Your Web Presence

  1. 10 Cool Create an Avatar Web Sites – A list of resources you can use to create an avatar for yourself.
  2. Creating and Using A Gravatar Image on Blogs and Other Sites – Once you’ve created your avatar, now you can take it one more step and create a Gravatar. This post shows you how to create a Gravatar which can help draw attention to your comments on other sites.


This list was prompted by Darren Rowse’s 31 Day Build a Better Blog Challenge, Day 8 Post, and was quite fun to do. By creating an Interlinking post, which is what I’ve done here, it gives a few benefits that I’ll paraphrase from Darren’s post.

  1. Interlinking to existing content will reinforce the weight posts will have with search engines
  2. Gives new readers a great place to start from and find out more about the blog quickly.
  3. And presumably some of those visitors to this page will also visit other pages within the site. Which in turn will increase the page view count.

And to Darren’s list above I’m going to add a benefit of my own discovery.

  1. Posts like this allow you to review content over large span of time, from which you might catch patterns. What you recognize in those patterns could be perfect for these types of lists. The themes or topics of the site are more visible to me in this way, and perhaps they might be for you too.

I’m enjoying the series so far, and yeah, feeling the pressure of daily tasks, and so far I’m keeping up pretty well. But like many others are doing, I too am saving the posts that are coming for future reference. Have you joined up?

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