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Is your blog DoFollow? Here are some great images to let your visitors know!

I’ve found a new blogger recently that blogs at and is giving away free dofollow images for you to use on your blog. Pretty damn cool if you ask me, and the image work is pretty nice too.

What the hell is DoFollow?

DoFollow refers to your links and whether or not there is a property assigned to the link that looks like this:


If the anchor tag has this property set to “nofollow”, search engine bots will not follow the link to see where it goes or index the linked page.

Linking is, of course, the primary way we refer to (or “vote” for) other sites, so having the rel=”nofollow” property set is reducing the power of the link.

This reduction in power may or may not be real as it is really up to the spiders and bots to determine if they are going to follow the link through or not.  All we can do as link creators is provide some level of indication how we feel about a link.

Even setting rel=”nofollow” on a link isn’t a good indication of how we actually feel since many platforms automatically add nofollow to everylink, while others might sprinkle it about the site, and yet another might not use it at all.  So there is some disparity out there on it’s usage.

How do I make my site Dofollow?

I’m not going to give explicit directions on how to make your site DoFollow.  Instead, I’ll only tell you that you should consider the platform your using (WordPress, Blogger etc…) and hit Google to do a search and research this for yourself.

Since I’m writing about how to build a website this year, it’s best you become very familiar with Google.  When there is something you don’t understand or need to research, hit Google.

I’d use keywords like “WordPress dofollow” or “blogger dofollow”, including the name of the platform, and the intended sub-subject you want to find more about.

I’ll be referring to how I use Google to learn and teach myself new tricks in future posts as well.  It’s an important part of web development now, as there is no possible way anyone can know everything there is to know out there.  Especially with the rate of change occurring in the world.

Thank you ExtremeJohn!

Thanks for providing a great set of images for free.  I’ve added mine to my footer for now, and I might consider migrating that more towards the comment area when more time allows.

For now, thanks!

Get a DoFollow Image for my blog

How Google looks at nofollow links

Just a quick update that I felt was important enough to include on this post.  This is again, Matt Cutts discussing how nofollow links aren’t necessarily a bad thing in terms of traffic that the link can generate.

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