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I’m backing up, because my daddy taught me good

I can’t get this out of my head: “I’m backing up, backing up, backing up, cause my daddy taught me good”. The Gregory Brothers over at YouTube have outdone themselves big time. They used a KMBC news bit and put it to music…the final result is a catchy, entertaining bit of work. Here, check it out:

The question I have is this: Have we as a civilization officially lost it? I mean, if you consider what this could represent for the future of parody television, should we be concerned? Taking real life, dramatic and sometimes traumatizing events for individuals, or groups of people, and placing them to song in such a way that it belittles the event to a good chuckle, and a catchy tune.

The circumstances lend themselves to the quality of the final output, of course.

I’m backing up, backing up, backing up…

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