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Dreamhost invitation codes – a limited time offer

My webhost, Dreamhost, has just emailed me a set of five invitation codes that I could share with my friends.  Since my friends in real life don’t have a need or desire to have a website, they probably won’t have any interest in these codes.  So instead, I’m going to share them with you.

These codes are first come, first serve, so once they’re used, they’re dead.  If you have wanted to get started on a website, perhaps your first one, or a new one, this is an excellent deal for you to take advantage of.  Here’s what you’ll get when you use one of these codes at Dreamhost.

If  you choose Dreamhost’s one-year plan, you’ll get $15 off!
If you choose Dreamhost’s two-year plan, you’ll get $100 off!

Getting $100 off a two-year plan is an incredible deal to begin with, but I’m also offering to sweeten the deal a bit.  Because I will make a little money when you sign up through one of these promo-codes, or one of my links that take you to Dreamhost, I’ll also offer up some of my services to you at no charge.   This isn’t just some way for me to make some money here, I honestly love Dreamhost and feel that you’ll be best served by hosting with them. In the end, I want to see you and your website succeed, and I think this is a great way to get started.

After all, I wouldn’t host over 100 of my own sites with just anyone.  Hosting is important to me, and these guys really rock at what they do.

Here are the promo codes to use when you sign up.

  360962962151 Gone!

Go sign up with Dreamhost, use one of the promo-codes above, and if you like, contact me to let me know how I can help you get all set up and rolling with your new website.

Please note, you’ll get a free domain name when you sign-up, so if you don’t already have a domain name in mind, contact me first if you want my advice or help choosing the right domain name for your website.

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