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Brave kitty loving on dolphins

This has to be a first in the world.  Ya know, like cats and dogs living together…now we have cats and dolphins being affectionate with each other. Who would have thought? I certainly have never seen such a thing. In fact, I only recently discovered that there are cats that actually enjoy water. I’m not talking big lion and tiger cats, but the small domesticated felines!

For those of you that are pretty new to my blog, and I see that there might be a few (awesome!), I’m a big fan of cats in general. I have two for myself (Kitty Kitty and Brick) at home that were strays I’ve taken in. They bring me such joy, except when they trip me in the hall.

But my cats aren’t the only cats I’ve posted before, and I’ve linked to the others I’ve found amusing, funny or down-right adorable at the end of this post.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something that I’ve found amusing, so I hope you enjoy this newly found yet wonderful distraction. This is one brave kitty!

I found this here.

I know there are probably an equal number of dog lovers out there too, so you know what? There is also a video of a dog playing with a dolphin as well. This one, I have seen before and found it heart-warming.

Cuteness overload

A few more for the road perhaps? Didn’t get enough kitty fix? Here are a few more posts that I’ve put out there that I really enjoyed. I hope you like them too.

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