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10 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Your Real Name on Twitter

In response to Sean Choe’s post on 10 reasons why you should use your real name on Twitter, I decided to take the other end of that and give you 10 reasons why you shouldn’t use your real name on Twitter.

I believe there are reasons for either way, and you need to make your own determination as to what works for you. However, you SHOULD at least get your own name, even if you aren’t going to use it. I firmly believe if you plan to have any life on the Internet, you’re definitely going to want/need a good Twitter account name.


Because the more time passes, the less chance you’ll have to secure a username that is actually your name. For instance, Sean’s 3rd point says it all:

You don’t want to be like a friend of mine whose name was secured by a pornstar w/ the same name.

So, if you have any plans on making something of yourself online, you might find yourself in the pit of regret one day. Think it through, and act, one way or another.

Now, on with the show….

10 reasons why you shouldn’t use your real name on Twitter

  1. You are doing something that might be frowned upon, no need to let people know who’s doing it, right?
  2. You’re a salesman that only wants to sell your product to as many people as possible, and maintain complete anonymity, you sleaze bag.
  3. You’re an artist and you need to have that artistic flair about you, where ever you go. Is it Twitter, or is it art?
  4. You’re not a person at all. In fact, maybe you’re in a music group, or perhaps you’re the “artist formally known as Prince”. Sorry, no symbols allowed you purple banana man. Uh. Yaya.
  5. You’re the talking head for a large corporate conglomerate. You speak of how great and how perfect your products or views are for every human on the planet. Corporate drones don’t get the opportunity to be human, so I guess this one is really a misnomer.
  6. You’re a hacker that actually hacks and would get in serious hacker level trouble if anyone ever found you hacking about. Thankfully, there isn’t audio on Twitter, so don’t worry, we don’t hear your mother calling you.
  7. You don’t give a crap about Twitter and are there to find out what all the fuss is about. Welcome to Twitter. Do you get it yet???
  8. You’re a new, struggling business trying to create a brand identity. Maintain that upbeat and positive attitude Sparky. Speak it and they will come and your business name will soon be blessed and Oprah approved. After all, look at what it’s done for @aplusks career.
  9. You were last seen on America’s Most Wanted. “RT @JohnWayneGacy I just finished up some work in the basement, boy am I tired. (wj) WTF?!?!”.
  10. You don’t respect yourself enough nor are you brave enough to stand behind what you tweet. I don’t need to elaborate on that do I?

So there you have it. 10 reasons why you shouldn’t use your real name on Twitter. Do you have one to add? If you have a reason “not to”, please comment below. If you have a reason why you should, why not click on over to Sean Choe’s post and give him comment.


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