10 Cool Create an Avatar Web Sites

Here are 10 cool ‘create an avatar’ web sites that I’ve found. To create an avatar is to show that you are serious about your online presence.  I finally figured out where people go to Simpsonize themselves. I played around with it a bit and came up with the shots you’ll see below. Then I started to really look at others avatars. What web site are these people visiting to create these cartoon styled avatars? I found a mess of them, and tried each one out. If you are looking for a new look on the web, this is a great starting point.

If you are looking to make a gravatar, then you are going to need an avatar. There are many sites that will allow you to create one. I subscribe to the philosophy that you you might be best served by picking an avatar and sticking with it. Using the same avatar on all sites that you member up with can only help to increase your notability by others.

At least, it is certainly something to consider when you are trying to market products and services. Sometimes you can get away with using one of these everywhere. Eh, anyway, here are some sites you can use to build those avatars.

The Simpsonizer

wayne simpson

Found at SimpsonizeMe.com, it was the first one I tried out. Yeah, I look like every other bald guy with a goatee would unfortunately. Nothing terribly notable about the Simpson unfortunately.

It starts by uploading an image of yourself that it will analyze to create your Simpson. Pretty neat right? It needs to be a head shot of your subject at a minimum 640×480 resolution. Basically, an oddball file size I didn’t happen to have.

After several vain attempts, I finally found an image to upload (of course, I didn’t want to modify an existing image…I was being lazy…lay off). When the upload finally worked, I sighed a huge one and I started to play around with my options a bit.

The application is quite user unfriendly. If you accidentally hit ‘new picture’ thinking it’s an OK button, you’d be very wrong of course. That didn’t stop me from trying it anyway in one brainless moment I had. You have to re-upload your photo all over again if you do, and that takes a bit with all the pre-processing it will do to your image. This is definitely a ‘think before you click’ application. Merciless…

South Park Studio

wayne parksouth park

I also ran into the South Park Studio web site and made these two bald guys. I don’t know why I didn’t try something different. I was still early in my searches when I found this, so I was still trying to model my own likeness. While bald, I pretty much failed. They don’t have the same detailed likeness of me, but the tool was fun to play around with. Excuse me guys, I’ll be over hey’re…

The Indian came about from my fondness of the American Indian culture. Screaming Indian kid, hmm. Whatever, let’s try again. Ok, grown up, casual clothing, slightly surprised look as if Jack Tripper just noticed the camera on him. That’s a little better.

“Visualize Whirld Peas?” you might ask.

Yeah, I was considering doing a Whirld Peas Concept Costume for Halloween. In fact, that’s coming up and I will be showing the world for the first time how absolutely idiotic one can be around Halloween.

Face Your Manga

face your mangaThe Face your Manga web site characters are all screwy. Overall the interface was pretty easy to use. You need to give them an email address to get the final product. They’ll send it to you via email, which I found rather odd.

Overall, I really like the final result of this particular avatar. If I had to turn toon on everyone, this is probably what I would pick for myself. I’m sure some would choose others for my own likeness. All I can say to them is “ha ha”, where’s your thunder now mango?

I thought I’d toss loose fit tie on this one. I tried to create a more professional looking avatar this time. The controls and the features seemed to be exactly right for me.

Now, I know that my facial features may look a bit hard, but did you mean just hard to look at?

bah dum bum…tough crowd. Bad joke. Whatever. Moving on.


dopple meThe DoppleMe.com web site is quite slow, and you have to log in to add some of the extra doo-dads to the avatar. I ended up creating some random little dude. I knew I wasn’t going to use this one at all, so all I dressed him in was a tuxedo top and skivvies. He’s wearing a pair of shoe that are quite accommodating to his needs. Overall, this little fellah is ready to paint the town with that weightlifter gait in nothing but his skee-doodles.

Pants were extra, but he doesn’t mind. Just look at that expression! Can you say “Giddity! Giddity! Giddity!”?

Overall, the end result isn’t terrible, but it isn’t great either. To me it looks more like I’m ready to play Monopoly rather than hit the town.

I still find the lack of pants disturbing though. Anyway, I think it’s pretty cool still.

Free Avatar


meez.com avatarCreate yourself a virtual 3D avatar over at Meez.com. Attractive interface, but the navigation seems a little awkward at first. Most of the good stuff on the site requires that you log in.

This was one site that I created an account on. They use coins for credits that you use to buy certain items for the avatar. Upon registration, I picked up 2500 coins which I used to clothe the poor bastard.

I choose a hairstyle that only my really old friends can appreciate, and the I Am Hip-Hop is just a joke. I’m so NOT hip-hop. Chah…

The fact that this is an animated avatar raises the like-ability a bit. Even though the avatar goes from a “What?” type of look to an “OMG! Did you see that elephant trying to screw that zebra?” look, it’s all good.

Build Your Wild Self

build yourself wildI had no idea what I was in store for when I found the Build Your Wild Self web site. What started out tame enough, quickly turned to just plain, well, wild. No, they aren’t paying me to say this shit, really.

Things went along fine at first, then I found the fox ears and the fly eyes. Woot! Party! I left a pleasant enough smile though, don’t you think?

I want to dedicate these arms to every ex-girlfriend that has complained that I have the arms of an octopus. Thank you. I really do.

Finally, our little squire here is adorned with a happy face shirt, jeans missing ankle parts and snazzy set of sneakers. If anything, the hair is the closest to my likeness. The site appeared to be geared toward the younger crowd (ya think?!?!?!), so this may be a nice link to pass to your kids and so forth. Check it out first of course and decide for yourself.

Portrait Illustration Maker

Portrait illustration makerEven though I was unable to create a bald character, Portrait Illustration Maker made me this groovy dude to the left. I’ve come to think of this one as Ringo.

The interface is easy, but not very fun. The style of the site itself is very mid 90’s feel and flavor. Although it does come in different languages.


For this little guy from TizMe.net, I created an account. I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread that I could add a Starbucks to him. I tried out that Don Johnson type look on this one, yeah? No?

The interface is really nice and easy to use. Once you get your TizMe out of the underwear commercial phase (he starts nude), and into some clothes, things get a little nicer.

There’s a ‘Use Your TizMe’ page that allows you to embed it into a web page. There’s an option for Blogger, LiveJournal, MySpace, Live Space, Xanga, Piczo and your standard HTML object which tastes more like embedding a video in your post, if you get my drift.

I thought this one was a pretty neat one too, but I still like the Face Your Manga better. Just look at that head…you’d think a spaceship was near.


digibody avatarFeeling like a character? No? How about a caricature? DigiBody’s Caricature Maker is a dandy little tool for just that. If a sketch is more your style, DigiBody is for you. A simple interface, but there isn’t a ton of options either. You might expect that from a caricature though.

There are a few options that are fun though. I made a caricature of Jerry Lewis on accident.

Block Head Iconizer

blockhead Iconizer

A reasonably clever widget that allows you to create a block head. I don’t think I need to tell anyone this is a Lego head maker, just look at that block!

I tried again to model my likeness, but really, come on now. There’s no way your going to get close, but you can get reasonably close…I guess.

I really don’t have much else to say on this one. It looks like I tried to swallow a spaghetti sauce can. I’ve never been a big fan of Legos, but I know there are those that do. So, this one is for you. Enjoy!

Update!  +2 More Great Create an Avatar Sites!


My matrix avatar

My matrix avatar

I recently found another cool create an avatar web site, and instead of creating a new post, I decided to share it here, on a post that is already getting a ton of traffic.  Avatar.pho.to has a ton of features, and uses an existing photo to manipulate into a animated GIF of your choice.

There are a whole set of features, and I ultimately decided that the matrix really does have me, and I need to just accept it.

I personally like this particular avatar and will probably use it more than just here.

Marvel Superhero Avatar Creator

Superhero Avatar CreatorI just found out that Marvel, you know Spiderman, Thor, Wolverine fame, yeah they have an avatar creator as well. You can check it out over here.

I gave my superhero a nice beer belly.


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