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Choosing Blogs To Comment On For Effective Backlinks And Networking

Blog CommentingIt’s understood by those who have blogged for some time that commenting on other blogs is a great way to increase traffic and gain backlinks to a site. Doing so will also help to establish and raise awareness about your site among bloggers within your niche and to help foster good relationships with them. However, while commenting on blogs is good for your site, choosing the right ones to comment on is very important for the success of your commenting efforts.

I first want to point out that commenting on blogs is not just for other blog owners. If you own a website that does not have a blog, you can also benefit just as much from a well placed backlink on a blog post. What you will miss however, because you don’t own a blog, is the ability to create a community out of your visitors. If this is you and your site, I highly recommend that you seriously consider establishing a blog for your site.

Secondly, Google has taken more interest in how it evaluates backlinks, and as such has provided a way for webmasters to find negative backlinks and disavow them. This should tell you that backlink quality matters to Google more than ever, and they will use that information to rank your site and pages accordingly. The last issue you want to deal with is to have to remove backlinks because they are a negative to your search engine optimization efforts.

That said, let’s take a look at how you should evaluate the blogs where you will leave a comment. [click to continue…]

The Home Business Summit – Learn from the best Internet marketers

The Home Business SummitI spent this weekend at the Home Business Summit and had an incredible time.  I still work for an awesome employer, but something inside me is getting really tired of trading my time for money.  I want to take more control of my time, and the only way to do that is to become an entrepreneur and be my own boss.

I’ve chased this very dream for over 5 years, and by myself and the help of a few others I was able to build an added income of $34k…but I’ll be honest with you, that isn’t nearly enough to fund my dreams. [click to continue…]

Choosing a Domain Name for SEO

Choosing a domain nameChoosing a domain name for your new site or blog is one of the most important steps you will take when building a website.  The domain name you ultimately decide on, and ultimately build on, isn’t something you can simply change if you decide that it isn’t going to garner natural search engine traffic like you thought it would.  It pays to do your research and nail down the perfect domain name before you realize that you’ve made a mistake.

For instance, if the site you want to build is for making money from traffic you capture from search engines, it would make sense to focus on the primary keywords that will dominate the site. You want to make sure they’re represented in the domain name since having the primary keywords that describe your site in the domain name will make it easier to rank for those terms in search engines, and that’s an advantage you want over your competitors.

Finding the right keywords to describe your site and what it’s all about will be easy, or it will be extremely hard.  You will certainly find it hard if not impossible to find a single word domain name, and in many cases you might find it hard to get a domain name that matches two primary keywords.  This is primarily due to people who buy domains based on the cultural popularity of the terms being considered.  When something becomes popular, you can bet that the .com isn’t available (unless you are the one with incredible foresight that hopped on it before anyone else!)  Expect to spend some time hunting, and you’ll be glad that you did.  I have to do the same for all my domains, it’s just how it goes.

Don’t fear though, with a little creativity you too can own a great domain name.  Let me show you how to put that creativity to work for you.

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